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Still Images

Still images communicate the meaning of its feel and space. its generated from a very initial level from all our projects and give us the flexibility to create its unique character. It can be used in a variety of ways.


Animation is playing an increasingly central role in our services based on the premise that; ‘if it’s on a screen, it should move’. Technology industry is rapidly growing and now making this an affordable way to raise the quality, engagement and professionalism of many projects. Imagine if there is no story, no emotions, no feelings and no scripts any movie or serial can be created like this without animation no industry can be create like game industry, multimedia industry, graphic designing, interior designing, web designing, advertisement industry etc. cannot run or look impressive without animation.


Is it a short film or a moving image? Cinemagraphs have become a medium of their own over the past few years, adapted and developed by filmmakers and photographers alike. In technical terms this is simply another form of animation created in the same way as above, functionally this can be so much more as it bridges the gap between still images and full motion animation breathing life into any image. The power of motion is significant in the evocation of emotion.

Virtual Tour

Virtual tour can be defined as a stimulation of certain location that is composed of still sequence images or videos A new VR service which allows users to seamlessly move in real-time, creating complete freedom of movement to explore a space in VR, either through a tablet, phone, web browser or VR headset using a regular internet connection.

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